Cup Overflowing

Cup Overflowing

When was the last time you took time to fill your cup? No, I don’t mean your coffee cup, but maybe that needs filling, too. 🤩 But, I’m talking about that cup inside of you, the well from which you contribute. The place you dip into to help a new mom, fold the laundry, pay the bills, grocery shop, declutter the house, build your business, be on video, write your blog, love your husband, and be that joyful mom to your children.

“I knew I was worthy of taking time to refresh, relax, and enjoy some lovely company.”

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to vacation in Florida. It was a last-minute invitation from someone very near and dear to me. The Minnesota winter was getting a bit long and combined with continued COVID restrictions it was an easy decision to say YES! I was feeling frayed on the edges and wore down to the nibs. 😊 (stole this from my sister, she has some of the best phrases to describe life.)

Like most of you, taking time for myself usually came with feelings of guilt and I would usually have said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t take the time away from home or work.” Or “We can’t afford for me to take a vacation right now.” But not this time. With ease I booked my flight for nine days!! Yes, nine days! It was luxurious and the longest I’d been gone from my family in, well ever.

I knew I was worthy of taking time to refresh, relax, and enjoy some lovely company. I know that my cup was running on empty and only by taking time to replenish my cup would I be able to continue to give and abundantly contribute to my family, my home, my work, my friendship, and my community. 

During these nine days I felt my soul come back to life. I relished the hot sun bronzing my body as I lay on the beach with the peaceful rhythm of the ocean waves splashing against the shore. My tired and stressed mind was given time to recalibrate, spark creativity, and return to a place of gratitude and possibility.

I am so grateful for the time away. Grateful for my amazing and supportive husband who encouraged me and took care of the home front while I was away. Grateful to my dear friend, who shared her vacation time with me. Grateful to God for his abundant kindnesses to me. 

Will you take time this week, this month, this year to refresh and replenish your soul? If not, why not?  Don’t you believe you are worthy? What voices in your mind will you have to over come to give yourself permission to take some much-needed time for rest? You can exchange the guilt and excuses for worthiness and truth.